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Pappman AB is a paper converter on the European market and started the business 1988. Our customers can be furniture builders, electric and generators industry, glass manufactures and so on that have a specific need for protection or packaging paper.


For over 20 years Pappman has provide temporary floor protection for contractors and remodelers thru floor manufactures, professional- and DIY- stores. Our most popular product is the temporary floor protection board without PE. It’s strong, breathable, recyclable, eco-friendly, free from plastic and durable. It protects the surface from paint, scratches, dust and mud and is still breathable. A good floor protection reduces potential damage to new or existing floors during constructions.


The reason why to choose non PE-coated floor protection. It’s breathable and protects all kind of surface. From stone- to wooden- floors and it’s eco-friendly. One PE-coated 75sqm roll of floor protection have the same global warming impact as 1,4 liters of gasoline. That is one important reason why we promote the use of non PE-coated. We produce 17,5 million sqm of non PE-coated floor protection a year and the demand from customers increase. Thanks to our customers that make the active choice of choosing non PE-coated floor protection we reduce the global warming impact with 900 000 kg of CO2 year 2022 from 645 000kg year 2021 compare to choose the PE-coated one.

About Pappman AB

Pappman AB is one of Sweden's leading paper converters. Our core competence is based on 20 years of experience from paper and paper conversion. We are a privately owned and independent company in the paper industry. Since 1988 we have both our production and warehouse in Örebro, Sweden.


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