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Pappman AB is a paper converter on the European market and started the business 1988. Our customers can be furniture builders, electric and generators industry, glass manufactures and so on that have a specific need for protection or packaging paper.


For over 20 years Pappman has provide temporary floor protection for contractors and remodelers thru floor manufactures, professional- and DIY- stores. Our most popular product is the temporary floor protection board without PE. It’s strong, breathable, recyclable, eco-friendly, free from plastic and durable. It protects the surface from paint, scratches, dust and mud and is still breathable. A good floor protection reduces potential damage to new or existing floors during constructions.


Floor protection board

One of the primary advantages of plastic-free floor cover boards is their breathability. The board is made from solid liquid board and prevent the liquid to get through the board and unlike PE-coated cover, these boards allow air to circulate freely, which prevents moisture from building up underneath (like a GoreTex material). This is especially important for newly laid floor as wood, linoleum and stone-floor. By promoting air flow, plastic-free floor cover boards can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause color difference and prevent the glue from dry.

Another benefit of plastic-free floor cover boards is their low carbon footprint. Unlike synthetic materials, which are often made from non-renewable resources and require significant energy to manufacture, plastic-free floor cover boards are typically made from natural materials like wood fibers or recycled paper. This means they have a much lower impact on the environment and can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Using non-plastic board saves 45% CO2-eq if one layer of PE and 60% CO2-eq if 2 PE-layer. The PE on a 50sqm roll of floor protection global warming impact of 2,58 CO2eq compare to 1L Diesel=2,68 CO2eq and 1L E85 petrol=1,134 CO2eq.

About Pappman AB

Pappman AB is one of Sweden's leading paper converters. Our core competence is based on 20 years of experience from paper and paper conversion. We are a privately owned and independent company in the paper industry. Since 1988 we have both our production and warehouse in Örebro, Sweden.


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