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Made in Sweden

Floor Protection

A floor protection system for the future

Pappman has built up this experience of floor protection our "GREEN LINE PRODUCT" based on more than 20 years of daily practice.

Our floor protection has a white coated topside that gives the working area a positive light atmosphere.


Fibers of the highest quality

Our raw material is a quality defined as "wet strength liquid packaging solid paperboard" from the nordic mills that gives a higher strength with less thickness. Simply strong and lightweight.

  • Made from new fiber.

  • Water resistant

  • Breathable
  • Made in Sweden

Free from plastic

All our floor coverings are free from plastic therefor its 100% recyclable. No risk of growth of mold between floor coverings and the floor. Creating a safe working and non slippery surface.

75sqm PE-coated floor cover have the same impact on the enviroment as 1,4 liter of gasoline.

  • Free from plastic.

  • 100% recyclable.

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