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Welcome to Pappman AB

Paper conversion since 1988

Since 1988, Pappman AB has been a prominent player in the paper industry and has dedicated itself to creating products by making use of residual waste from paper mills. Our journey began with a strong commitment to the environment and to reduce the climate impact.

The environment is important
for us

We understood early on that in a world where resources are limited, it is necessary to find creative solutions to handle paper that does not meet the margin of error from the paper mills. Instead of letting degraded paper go to waste, we are committed to transforming it into high-quality products that serve a variety of purposes. At the same time as we reduce the climate impact.


Through our expertise in paper conversion, we convert this material into various products that meet the needs of our customers. A large product of that is the floor protection cardboard, but also packaging and other protective cardboard leave our production.

Our commitment to the environment permeates everything we do. By prioritizing climate impact and focus on the use of downgraded materials, we strive to be a role model and show that it is possible to run a successful business while taking responsibility for the environment.

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