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Manufacture and supplier of
Floor protection paper
-One sustainable choice for your floor and our planet!

In a world where we are constantly striving to reduce our footprint on the environment, our floor protection cardboard is not only a solution to protect your floor, but also a step towards a sustainable future. And by using a floor protection board without PE, the climate impact is reduced by at least 45% compared to a plasticized one.

Our floor protection cardboard is made from rejects and secondary materials from the paper mills. These are materials that do not meet the strict quality requirements of their original use, but are perfect for making floor protection cardboard. This means that the width and gram weight of our final product can vary, but guarantees that each roll always holds the specified square meters.


Our products:

We have categorized our range into three main types based on their gram weight range:


SL: 165gr/m2. +-20gr

MX: 200gr/m2. +-20gr

XS: 250gr/m2. +-25gr

By dividing our products in this way, we can optimize the use of each material batch we receive.


Narrow: 700-1100mm.

Wide: 1100-1550mm.

This means that we make use of more of the base roll and do not have to cut away material, which must then be sent to paper recycling where we have a climate impact from transport etc.


Fibers of the highest quality

Our raw material is a quality defined as "WET STRONG SOLID LIQUID CARTON" which gives higher strength with less thickness. Simply strong and light.

  • Produced on virgin fiber.

  • Water repellent.

  • Vapor transmission.

  • Made in Sweden.


Free from plastic

Our floor protection cardboard is free of plastic and is 100% recyclable. No risk of mold between the floor and our floor protection as it has a certain vapor permeability.


75 square meters of PE-coated floor protection cardboard has as high a climate impact as 1.4 liters of petrol.

  • Free from plastic.

  • 100% recyclable.


Floor protection for the future

Pappman has acquired this experience with floor protection our "GREEN LINE PRODUCT" based on more than 20 years of daily work. Our floor protector has a white-coated upper side, which gives the workplace a positive, bright atmosphere.

Skärmavbild 2023-09-13 kl. 07.52_edited.jpg

Floor protection cardboard
without PE

Floor protection board without PE provides excellent protection against scratches, spills and impact damage. The cardboard is constructed from high-quality virgin fibers. The fiber structure in the cardboard is the same as in waterproof textile, which contributes to it being waterproof and breathable, without bleeding through. Its thickness and strength ensure that they can withstand the stresses of construction, renovation and heavy foot traffic.

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