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We offer paper mills, application owners, manufacturing industries, printers, packaging and packaging companies help with slitting and other paper converting like, sawing or other desired processing of paper rolls. We help you to find the right quality of paper for your needs, but also lego converting and slitting if desired.

Specification OUT

Specification IN

Max width: 1850 mm
Max diameter: 1800 mm
Max weight: 2500 kg
Gram weight: 10-500g/m2
Sleeve diameter: 70, 76, 121, 151, 301 mm

Pulley width: 50-1850 mm
Max diameter: 1800 mm
Sleeve diameter: 70, 76, 121, 151 mm

Max number of knives: 21 pcs



We also help paper mills and other converts with sawing base rolls.


Max weight: 4000kg
Max width: 4m

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